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Just wanted to let everyone know about a new magazine that I just subscribed to. They're dedicated to utility ATV's. I received my first issue yesterday and it looks great. I think their website is .

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    • By rhino5880
      Just wanted to let everyone know that Red Creek Offroad Park in Perkinston, MS is having an event July 3-5. It will be one of the Championship Mud Racing stops. They will have over $5,000 in payouts and trophies and they are also having a fireworks show on the 4th. For more information check out their web site at or CMR - Championship Mud Racing. I hope everyone can come out to support this great event!
    • By ravencr
      Hello everyone,
      We'd really like for you to read our latest UTV Shootout - Mud Test - Round 1 on the website and let us know what you like, what you dislike, what you'd change, what you'd like to see included, etc for the Round 2 we're doing in Moab, UT for the rock crawling test.
      We try hard to produce the type of data we think folks want to see, but we're never 100% sure, obviously. We could really use your feedback.
      Please visit our website here: UTV Off-Road Magazine :: Everything Side-By-Side for the Off-Road Enthusiast and it's the last featured article listed on the main page.
      Please don't reply on here, and just email all comments to [email protected]
      Thanks so much for your help...your feedback will be used to properly structure our second test.
      Senior Editor
      UTV Off-Road Magazine
    • By mywifeknowseverythin
      Thats Right!!!!!!! We invaded Quad Magazine!!!! These pictures are from our Trike Rampage we had in June.....I scanned a Few pages....There are 8 in the mag.....Hope you guys pick a Copy up......

    • By quadcrazy
      We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome one of the newest members to our community, Quad Magazine!
      If you are a subscriber to their magazine, you already know how good it is. Please take a moment to welcome them to QuadCRAZY by visiting their page at

    • By Ajmboy
      Recently got my ATV Magazine and it has a 25 page UTV Magazine insert. I guess these things are getting popular. A buddy of mine has the Yamaha Rhino. I've ridden it, but would not trade my quad for it......