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Looking for a set of skid plates for my 2012 Brute 750. From reading some of the treads there seem to be 3, Ricochet, Aluminum products and Chuck750. How much more durable is the HD plastic that Chuck has vs the aluminum or metal ones, I ride in PA where it it very rocky, also want one that cover the CV boot covers really well. has anyone yet does a comparison on these Thanks, Mark

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Have you done a review search on each company. Have you checked Moose utility division? I might be wrong but I would go with aluminum over HD plastic at least with the aluminum or steel you can bend it back in shape.

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    • By Erik Plug
      Hi all,
      Picked up my first Brute Force yesterday. What should have been an awesome afternoon of riding turn a bit into a deception. As I was unable to really take it out for a test drive at the shop, I decided to buy it and agreed that I would take the test drive at home. 
      When giving full throttle I noticed that the Brute was choking and lost all of its powers. Faulty fuel pump most likely. 
      Called the shop and the are coming to pick it up and repair it and bring it back. Good service. Nevertheless feels a bit sour in the mouth as I was told it was a 100% good. 
      Need to have some patience I now before I can really start riding. 
    • By Ajmboy
      Got my Yamaha Grizzly buttoned up finally and went for a quick 2 hour ride in the power lines with my neighbor, who has a Yamaha Kodiak. We have access from his yard, which is nice. Was a beautiful day today to get out and will try to go more often. Ran into two other quad riders with a sportsman and I think grizzly. Also ran into a dirt bike rider. 😎

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      Hi bought a 2012 kingquad ASI last year a great machine which is a delight to ride, but I find sometimes it doesn’t go into top gear just revs high at about 42mph. Any idea ???

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      Help guys PLEASE I have an artic cat 700 mud pro 2012. I was riding it the other day and it started skipping after i shut if off that day it was the last time it would crank. it was showing codes 12 and 13 then disappeared and THEN EFI on the dash but now it's not showing. it will turn over but it will not crank. it's not getting spark either I dont believe 
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    • By ScootersScooters
      Hi there!
      Just joined the forums and wanted to share a project we finished this summer. The skid plate on my Warrior 350 was really starting to show its age, so we built a new one from scrap metal. I included the link below.
      bit.ly/1b6ywyt'>DIY Skid Plate
    • By gatorchin
      when reading about the park brake elimination on wolverines..-unhook white connector and plug back wire into back/white wire at bullet connectors up front.., I also hear people talking about installing a "back off plate"..what is this?? and what is its purpose?
      And if I decide to buy one where can I find them online?
    • By Grillmastertoo
      Good morning....
      Just curious if anyone can make recommendations on which brand or type to install on my 2012 KQ?
      Also, are these projects simple enough to be done by the average Joe or does a dealer need to get involved?
      I can handle nuts and bolt stuff, but not certain of electrical work needed to tie a winch into the system.
      Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk
    • By PolarisRich
      Hey guys
      I've been looking around for skid plates for my machine and I'm having some trouble finding ones that will fit my bike. I have a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO and everyone seems to sell everthing but 2005. I've found one's to fit 2000-2004 and 2006-2011 but not 05's. Just strange!!!!!
      I'm guessing that there are almost no changes between 05 and 06 models.
      So do I take a chance and order 06's and hope they fit?
      If anyone here has an 05 with skids, let me know what you have and where you got them from please!
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