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my bro's 96 yamaha kodiak problems

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Hello all, I sure hope ya'll can help me out. I'm going to the UP of Michigan in the middle of next month and my bro up there is trying to get his 96 Yamaha kodiak 400 running right. my bro is a pretty good mechanic but he is kind of new to 4-stroke motorcycle engines.

He is going to contact original owner to find out what has been done to it if anything

Here's the low-down as I understand it.

The ATV was originally purchased by bro's dads friend, older guy (60's) for hunting, two years ago bro's dad bought it cheap, it was running rough so it was stored untill recently when bro got it from his dad.

ATV has 1500 adult miles on it, in good shape

After it sits all night with the fuel petcock off it will start right up but then it starts running poorly and if shut off is hard to start again.

He has noticed some gas accumulation in the airbox.

Bogs down or will not run when reved or attempting to move.

Sparkplug is very black, good plug, good gap.

Some backfiring

I ordered and sent him (poor guy doesnt have internet:laugh:) a rebuild kit and a manual. I am thinking the choke o-rings are messed up or the float is bad and its flooding badly, thus the gas in the airbox. DANGER!

Does anyone know what the correct weight for one of these floats is?

All Ideas/comments welcome!


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haha, ok, dude just called and said the float is ok. and the o-ring in the choke looks good.

SO I guess we will install carb kit and see what happens...then go from there.

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Black plug =too rich......as far as gas in the airbox, check float needle and seat should look like this > not indented at tip, and also vacuum line and fuel filter for blockages, tank screen too...hopefully your rebuild kit has the needle and seat as I have seen some that do not....make a note of the slot the original jet needle clip is on so you know where to put the new one...Good Luck!!:wink:

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The vac tube check valve was clogged up.....thats what he said....I pass along to you his appreciation..and mine. I

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