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King Quad 800?


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    • By Jhb12686
      Hello I appreciate the welcome into the group. I am beyond frustrated with this desperate search for parts. I have a 2013 XY power sports UTV 300. I had a catastrophic failure in my rear differential which resulted in the destruction of almost everything inside. I have located everything I need to completely redo the rear end. But I cannot find a short side axle shaft with six splines etc. it's an offset differential and one shaft is longer than the other and I need the short one. The tip of it broke off (pic). Any help in getting another shaft for this thing would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys

    • By mkibbe
      My 2014 750 king quad stalls sometimes when I touch or turn the handlebars,the problem has gotten worse,my machine has 475 miles and is only trail ridden,I have a new factory battery and i have 14.2 volts when the quad is running and 13.3 on the battery when not running,also using a multimeter there is no change in volts when turning the bars until it does stall,If I pull the 40 amp power steering fuse it will not stall.......I've been told its the ECU,Hate to buy one if thats not the problem,but its kinda leaning towards that,,,,,need some opinions.

    • By jatho
      Does anyone know what year they stopped producing the King Quad 300? - particularly in Australia and New Zealand 
      What were the design changes?
    • By RRP
      Does Anyone know the Fuse is for these two Accessories wires in the Light Pods (color: red and orange wires) ?
      Checked all the fuses with a tester, and they were all fine.
    • By dominic_300ex
      My 300ex won't run unless hooked to jumper cables or to a battery charger. When I try to rev it up it gets quieter instead of louder, is the stator bad? Could a CDI cause this? Could something with the ignition cause this? The neutral light only comes on when hooked to a power source and goes off as soon as the power source is connected. After I disconnect it from a power source it'll run for a few minutes then die. It'll also pull start but pushing the gas nothing happens, the choke isn't on and the gas isn't on reserve. My friend thinks it may be a stator because after I charged the battery and went to ride it the other day the battery was drained again. Any help would be appreciated as I'm lost and don't know where to start
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