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off road lights

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I've got a Kawasaki Brute Force 300 4x2 and i am going to start doing some night riding, from what i can come up with is that it takes a H4 35W/35W headlight. Would a h4 bulb with a higher wattage rating put a strain on my electrical system versus installing some PIAA off road lights made for atvs ? Now mind you that i have a Superwinch LT3000 also.

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I agree with you ! I figured it would put a strain on my elec. sys. ! Do you have any ideas on what i should look for ie: watts, amp draw, etc. whenever i go to purchase some lights. Like you said Led, but do you think HID's would be worth looking at ? If i am thinking right they do have the ballasts so it does'nt put a real big strain on the system. Right or wrong ? Any help is appreciated. Thank You for the info you have already provided to me !!!!!

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      Having light problems on 1983 Yamaha YTM200E. The lights all work when using the ignition key switch, while not running. However, when running and using the handlebar switch the lights will not work. Using the repair manual from Clymer, attached, I checked the lighting coil and voltage regulator. The lighting coil ohm test is within spec. However I cannot any continuity from the regulator between red and white wire in either direction.
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      I have a 2001 Kodiak Ultramatic. I parked in the garage in late fall and a now trying to get it started. Fresh gas, recharged the battery. The Reverse light is on no matter what gear I have it in. It comes on as soon as I turn on the key. When in Park, both the 'P' and 'R' lights are on; when in Neutral, then 'N' and 'R' lights are on. I am assuming there is a 'deadman switch' somewhere that keeps me from turning it over. In Neutral, I can roll the machine back and forth-no change in the lights.
      I am suspecting a short, but this is the first ATV I've owned and I don't have a lot of experience with them. Is there some other possible problem? Like I said earlier, it was working fine when I parked it and it has not moved since. It has been parked in an enclosed garage-my car sits outside, of course.
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