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    • By Admin
      if you have had your ATV stolen from you, make sure to post it here at QUADCRAZY by starting a new topic and also on Facebook: Stolen ATV Hotsheet
    • By oxidized_black
      Please take a moment and click this link and vote for one of our top members !!

    • Guest yokochrist
      By Guest yokochrist
      Okay, guys and gals I have been broken by facebook and created a fan page. Atv related of course, but you can post your vids, pics and stories. I have uploaded a lot of photos on there already, so hope you like and share and enjoy!
      Click Here (
    • By lawny
      A new bill trying to shut down yet another chunk of public land to ATVers has been stomped by congress! HORAYYY! Check out the link for more info.
    • By quadcrazy
      We've relaunched our Facebook page in an attempt to grow our social network fan base and to raise awareness of QUADCRAZY on the largest social platform in the world. Become our fan to get the latest updates about contests, news, and more from this community.
      Visit and click the "Like Button".
      We're going for 1000 fans for now.... You can currently watch the count grow on the top right of any page on QUADCRAZY. Currently at 123. Help support QUADCRAZY and spread the word!