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Does anyone know of cfmoto

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I was looking at cfmoto z6 I believe it is called. It is their spot side by side like the rzr but it is 51 in wide. I wanted to know how they perform and if they are reliable machines

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I haven't heard of it until just now. Looks to be a pretty capable machine. Lots of video on Youtube.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZJ8YYAoXtg&feature=relmfu]cfmoto z6 terr.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

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Local dealer says they are well built.  They recommend them over polaris at this point.  They have gotten better.

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      So I’ve had this bike for 3 years now. Love it. But there’s one question I never got an answer to. And maybe by now somebody’s figured it out...
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      i have a 2012 cf moto x5 and our village made atvs road legal and im interested in putting reverse lights on it, is there some way to wire it to the shifter or would it be better to wire them to a momentary switch  like a horn button?
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      Hello, i was looking up a few different 4 wheelers tonight and then had a question.  I see so many similarities between the ODES 800 Assailant, and CFMOTO 800 Cforce that i have to wonder. Are they the same thing?   It looks like they both have turning signals, 2 seater, engine size in common although CFMOTO does a much better job of making theirs look better.    
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      Has anybody had a problem with the inline Fuse holder near the battery box melting causing the electrics to die 
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      I recently purchased a uforce 500. So far I am very happy with it. I had looked around at several brands but kept coming back to the cfmoto. I also have a Polaris sportsman 700 which I love. But due to a serious motorcycle accident that left me with a broken back among other injuries I could no longer ride the atv for long due to no back support and holding both arms up to the handlebars.
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      Hi has anybody had a problem with a blown fuse near the battery box on this model ,causing all the electrics to go dead
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