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2003 Kawasaki Prairie 360 - Looking For K-EBC Info


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I've got a 360 Prairie 4x4 and the 2wd/4wd light is flashing at 1 second intervals. The manual says the K-EBC actuator is malfunctioning. Is this a hard fix or do I have to take it in to a dealer. Also if it is something I can change, where can I order the part aside from going thru a dealer? I've checked online and can't seem to find anything related to the engine brake. Thanks

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I have the 02 650 prairie the K-ebc is on the right side engine cover. The light could mean the cvt belt needs service. A few question is your quad shifting from 2wd to 4wd ok & 4wd back to 2wd, do you have squealing on take off or when climbing hills & last when going down a hill if you blip the throttle you should feel the kebc working. Their is away to reset it I just don't remember the web site I found it on I will try and find it and post it on here. I think it should be the same as my 650 as far as the reset.

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