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Best place to buy cvt belt

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My sons 2005 Brute Force 705i needs a new belt and im looking for recommendations for good places to buy a cvt belt from also is there any special tols needed?

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I came across your post here so I thought I would research the belt. We run CVT mini quads so I understand about the belts. But noticed that nothing comes up for a 705i...I did see a 750 4x4i...I have never heard of your quad or know anything of it. Is a 705i rare? You might want to check with G-Force Powersports. They have so much for quads & more & the service/tech help is terrific. Ask for Amy or Gary. Heres the link: G-Force Powersports Wellington, FL 1-800-658-1843

and their phone number is: 1-800-658-1843. Maybe this can get you in the right direction.

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Sorry 750i 4x4

No problem...Ok found a few places to look into but depend on if its

BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I (KVF750-A1)

BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I (KVF750-B1)

1)2005 Kawasaki BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I (KVF750-B1) Driven Converter/Drive Belt | CyclePartsNation Kawasaki Parts Nation

2)Kawasaki ATV/UTV CVT Drive Belt : Kawasaki : Brute Force : Brute Force Parts

3)Carlisle Drive Belts - Chaparral Motorsports

4)Kawasaki ATV Parts 2005 KVF750-A1 Brute Force 750 4x4i DRIVEN CONVERTER-DRIVE BELT Diagram

I do not know how reputable some of these companies are but im sure with a little research you can narrow down on price, reviews, belt specs, & more.

Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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Thanks MX, the dealer wanted $140. Looks like i could save alot of money going with an aftermarket belt but considering how hard my son rides the 750 im going with an OEM but not from my dealer. Thanks for the help

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Thanks MX, the dealer wanted $140. Looks like i could save alot of money going with an aftermarket belt but considering how hard my son rides the 750 im going with an OEM but not from my dealer. Thanks for the help

You’re welcome. Completely understand wanting OEM only. I think most of us would love to support our local motorcycle shops but when money is tight were forced to search for other avenues. Our race team is on a budget 365 days a year…lol :wink:

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