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  2. I say quad thieves should get the death penalty or life in prison. Although im a Grizzly rider now i have alot lot of great memories of riding Hondas
  3. Im installing a winch and im not sure were to tie in the keyed power on wire. Any recommendations guys?
  4. Get the electric power steering option, you wont regret it. The others will have to give you the pros and con.
  5. Possible Arctic Cat, they used Suzuki motors back then
  6. Thanks MX, the dealer wanted $140. Looks like i could save alot of money going with an aftermarket belt but considering how hard my son rides the 750 im going with an OEM but not from my dealer. Thanks for the help
  7. U can try useing an oversize torx bit. Tap it in with a hammer. Ive used this trick working on VWs, they use alot of those bolts
  8. I had an 86 and loved it, a good tough trail quad. A quick search of the forums and u should be able to download the service manual.
  9. My sons 2005 Brute Force 705i needs a new belt and im looking for recommendations for good places to buy a cvt belt from also is there any special tols needed?
  10. Give GoWarn a call they should be able to get u the wedge locks that u need. 1-888-219-0090 you can go to their website at gowarn.com and check them out first.
  11. Also how are u checking spark? Just because u have a spark doesnt mean u have a spark that hot enough to ignite the air fuel mixture
  12. You sould check the engine for proper compression. If the compression is low it cant create the vacume to draw fuel into the cylinder
  13. I wont, not because im worried about loosing workman comp but if i hurt myself riding it would be even longer before i could ride again
  14. Last month i got a double hernia at work. Workmans comp paid for the surgry and lost wages, im still not back to work. The pain was severe for a while, i couldnt imagine going throught it without the percs. The thing thats driving me nuts is i cant ride my Grizzly, i just want to ride so bad i may just go insain before i finish healing

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