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  1. [attach]1419[/attach][attach]1420[/attach][attach]1421[/attach][attach]1422[/attach]thanks guy heres some pics. Evidently this atv is rare. Several dealers im in contact with daily say they didnt make but a handful 2wd. I finally got to ride it in slade an it performed great lotta mudholes other 2wd was gettin stuck i could drive right around them. No it doesnt have alotta power but it dont seem to hurt it any. The clearance is unreal! I havent heard anything bout this atv as far as reliability . Did suzuki build it? Hadnt heard that. It may be a great quad for the mrs to ride an being rare ill hang on to it. Plus the price of 250$ i gave not lookin bad.
  2. Thanks guys. Its a 2004 arctic cat 400 2 wheeldrive 4 stroke. Irs. Got gobs of ground clearance. The oil filter has suzuki written on it along with some japanese too. Belt driven with the shifter on the left side front fender. Its identical to a 4wd one. Red in color. Ill get sum better pics tonite.
  3. Never seen one until today. I bought it at a auction. Ive seen plenty of 4x4 but not 2 appears to have suzuki motor. Belt drive. Just wantin to know if a good atv. No odo or hour meter. Tires are fair. Starts an runs jus dont have alot of power. Anything to lookout for on this model? Got it as a first atv for the wife an wantin a reliable ride for her. Thanks
  4. Worked that time. Bud thanks a lot!! If your ever in ky i owe you a cold one! Thanks again
  5. Got the parts to rebuild my rear axle an need a manual. Thanks

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