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  2. I looked up a few options such as maier plastic but it is around the same cost. Plastic is pricey no matter what your riding. My suggestion is keep tabs on eBay. I looked up your machine type and searched plastic. It may be used but they look to be in pretty good condition with allot lower price range. Click here EBAY Wish you the best. Those LT80s are great starter quads.
  3. Maybe I can help but need to know what type of ATV it is. Please post the type...Thanks
  4. I'm so exited & very grateful! I certainly can use the gift card! Thank you QuadCrazy & BikeBandit!
  5. Here is a video for my entry. I hope you like it...It came from the Heart! Yea im a proud moto mom [ame] [/ame]
  6. We are a very happy ATV family! I thank God for that everyday. But if God is taking some extra requests...Lord, can I get another sport quad so the whole family can ride together? We have a 400EX we share but it currently has a hole in the case (my winter project...yes mine), & 2 youth quads. We put pretty much all our extra money into the kido for racing. THANKS @THECLAW
  7. 1994 I met my husband and he asked me out for a first date. I only agreed to go out with him because I knew he had a 1992 Honda 250 fourtrax racing ATV. My parents never let me ride a motorcycle or ATV ever so this was my chance. I was 18 years old at the time & figured they wouldn't say too much about it. I got to ride it on our first date & I immediately fell in love with the sport. Now as for my husband it took a few dates to realize he was worth hanging onto!
  8. NO shopping for me on Black Friday. I did that one time & will never do that again! Crazy people fighting over toys & electronics, pushing & shoving! Different strokes for different folks I guess. The one thing that really ticks me off this year is the poor employees having to go into work on Thanksgiving Day! The retailers are going to keep pushing it till they probably will just stay open on Thanksgiving & treat it like any other day. I refuse to put any money into retail chains on Thanksgiving Day! That is a day to be with family! On the other hand I am going to spend this Black Friday in a tree stand on my first deer hunt!
  9. Well got my permit in just 2 weeks & 4 days! Was shocked it came so fast. They said it could take up to 90 days. I am now a proud permit carrier Also found that I need a smaller handgun...the one I have is to heavy for carrying around. So I am in the market for a new one
  10. Same problem here. I have only used Chrome since opening my account here & the apostrophe does not work for me. Always had to copy & paste from Microsoft Word to get that apostrophe. Also when a member leaves a comment say on one of my videos I am unable to respond back because I am using Chrome. I can click on the submit button but unable to leave a message. Thank goodness found this post & realized to try another Internet Browser. Works fine using IE. Very weird..I can't stand using IE!
  11. Great bikes! Can’t wait to see the pics. :-)
  12. You’re welcome. Completely understand wanting OEM only. I think most of us would love to support our local motorcycle shops but when money is tight were forced to search for other avenues. Our race team is on a budget 365 days a year…lol
  13. No problem...Ok found a few places to look into but depend on if its BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I (KVF750-A1) BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I (KVF750-B1) 1)2005 Kawasaki BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I (KVF750-B1) Driven Converter/Drive Belt | CyclePartsNation Kawasaki Parts Nation 2)Kawasaki ATV/UTV CVT Drive Belt : Kawasaki : Brute Force : Brute Force Parts 3)Carlisle Drive Belts - Chaparral Motorsports 4)Kawasaki ATV Parts 2005 KVF750-A1 Brute Force 750 4x4i DRIVEN CONVERTER-DRIVE BELT Diagram I do not know how reputable some of these companies are but im sure with a little research you can narrow down on price, reviews, belt specs, & more. Hope this helps & Good Luck!
  14. I came across your post here so I thought I would research the belt. We run CVT mini quads so I understand about the belts. But noticed that nothing comes up for a 705i...I did see a 750 4x4i...I have never heard of your quad or know anything of it. Is a 705i rare? You might want to check with G-Force Powersports. They have so much for quads & more & the service/tech help is terrific. Ask for Amy or Gary. Heres the link: G-Force Powersports Wellington, FL 1-800-658-1843 and their phone number is: 1-800-658-1843. Maybe this can get you in the right direction.
  15. WELCOME! I’m a newer member as well but really enjoy this forum. Glad to hear you have a quad. What did you get?
  16. We have locally Buffalo Mountain here in East TN. Its located in Unicoi County. Some other TN Locations are: Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail There is Coal Ceek OHV Trails A smaller area of trail riding is located at the I-81 Motorsports Park in Greeneville, TN So if you came up here to ride you can stop by & ride these trails. Not sure if this is to far out for you but I have heard the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in VA are awesome.
  17. I had a similar issue on our 00 400EX...It was running fine then while I was climbing a hill it began to seem to bog down/loose compression. Next thing it stopped running. Never could get it to start but it would turn over. The culprit.... the decompression plunger. It is located on the top where the cam is (the cylinder head). There is a little spring under the plunger. I removed the plunger & spring. Clean it with carb cleaner then put back in or I completely took out the plunger & spring put the cylinder head back on. If you have a CLYMER Manual it’s on page 81. I can’t say for sure this is the problem with yours but it’s not hard to access it & it doesn't take long to rule it out. Hope this helps.

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