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  2. That looks sharp. Hope it gives you lots of fun and hard use.
  3. Or....it could be as Austinhuntman said...maybe he's just a pussy....lol How long has your friend rode, as well as owned a quad? Maybe he's afraid of breaking something. Or it could be he's just not able to keep up with you. Good luck either way. That definitely wouldn't be fun to head out somewhere with someone only to have them pout and go home.
  4. Interesting...so using the IE Tab extension inside Chrome works fine. So for some reason Chrome doesn't like this forum...lol I may do some more digging to see why. But otherwise, thanks for the info.
  5. Hmmm...Im using Chrome. Maybe thats the issue?? Let me try another browser and get back to you.
  6. Ok, this is driving me nuts. How the heck do I get this forum to accept the apostrophe input from my keystrokes? I can copy/paste one in, so I know its supported. But for some reason when I type it, nothing happens.
  7. Yeah, thats how I ride now, but thats because I have to. It was amazing to me the difference in ride when I test drove my buddys quad. Just made me wonder if I needed to change the preload on the suspension, or tire inflation, or even different tires. I guess thats what Im mostly looking for info on for now. No way Im dropping $7K-8K on a new quad when mines paid for and is mechanically solid. Heck, aside from the rear taillight getting busted by a friend who borrowed it, theres hardly any damage to the quad at all. Its in really good shape, and I would hate to drop that kind of money just for a suspension upgrade.
  8. FYI, the link to that FAQ is invalid.
  9. Yeah, I actually like having the manual shifter though. Lots of times I was using a lower gear to engine brake going down hills and whatnot. I noticed the auto did a decent job of it too, but I felt like I had more control with the manual. However, I bet for plowing (lots of forwards/backwards) an auto would be nice. I need tires for it anyway, so I"ll try that route first. Thanks!
  10. Hey all. I just went trail riding this weekend with a friend who has a KingQuad. Coming from only knowing solid rear axles, I was FLOORED at how much better his quad rode. I've been told this is something inherent to most IRS quads. I don't really want to get a new one, but boy oh boy would I like to see if there is anything out there to improve the way my Big Bear rides. For the most part, I only use my quad for towing, pulling, and plowing...so I think I'm better off for having a SRA, but I just thought I'd ask what, if anything, I could try to help. A few things about my quad: It is bone stock. Stock rims/tires, stock exhaust...etc. I have heard maybe tires could improve the handling (less sidewall roll), but other than that, I was curious what else to try. Thanks!
  11. Hey all. Long time quad owner here, but first time I've joined a forum. Looking to gain some knowledge on my quad, and just get some ideas for whats out there. I generally just use my quad for utility stuff around the home. Hauling, plowing, etc. However, I've been trail riding a few times, and recently rode a buddy's KindQuad. I was floored at how improved IRS rides over a solid rear axle, and am generally just looking to get some ideas how to improve my ride. Thanks!

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