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Big Bear 400 4x4; Improve Ride??

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Hey all. I just went trail riding this weekend with a friend who has a KingQuad. Coming from only knowing solid rear axles, I was FLOORED at how much better his quad rode. I've been told this is something inherent to most IRS quads. I don't really want to get a new one, but boy oh boy would I like to see if there is anything out there to improve the way my Big Bear rides.

For the most part, I only use my quad for towing, pulling, and plowing...so I think I'm better off for having a SRA, but I just thought I'd ask what, if anything, I could try to help.

A few things about my quad: It is bone stock. Stock rims/tires, stock exhaust...etc.

I have heard maybe tires could improve the handling (less sidewall roll), but other than that, I was curious what else to try.


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there isn't alot you can do to match the ride. i too, went from straight axle to the cadillac ride. when i got my grizz, i also went from manual shift to auto, and it was another nice change !!

maybe different tires would give some more comfort

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Yeah, I actually like having the manual shifter though. Lots of times I was using a lower gear to engine brake going down hills and whatnot. I noticed the auto did a decent job of it too, but I felt like I had more control with the manual.

However, I bet for plowing (lots of forwards/backwards) an auto would be nice.

I need tires for it anyway, so I"ll try that route first. Thanks!

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