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  2. i did a bit more digging and found that the starter relay has been hardwired to the battery through that button, fuck only knows why though as the bike comes with a key. would doing this bypass the safety switches as apparently these bike are notorious for electric problems. other than that i cant see any other reason for doing it
  3. iv posted a view of the button from the front and under the fairings. really confused now as it makes the starter relay click when the ignition is off aswell
  4. there is a random black rubber button on the front fairings left hand side (pretty much by my knee) and i have no idea what it does. if i press it the starter relay starts clicking wildly. i should point out that iv never had the engine running as i have a few other things needing fixed before i start on that hence my confusion. its also not mentioned in the owners manual. any ideas?
  5. just decided to not bother with ball joints at all. going to put a new set of a arm lowers from a different bike on it that way it dont ever need to worry about ball joints wearing out (well apart from track rods but i already have spare ones)
  6. thanks . there is 1 which looks promising although i need to get the old tape measure out to be sure.
  7. so iv been looking for new ball joints for my kazuma falcon 150. they are practically non existant apart from buying entire new suspension arms, i swear my hair is going white looking for these damn things. is there any suggestions as to alternative ball joints i can use or does anybody know if there is a company who stocks them?
  8. hiya, im not really new to riding quads but i am new to owning my own (working) quad. i have a falcon 150, which isnt too bad, bit sluggish on steep inclines but overall far better than the smc r100 i used to own. i have a basic understanding of single cylinder bikes and a less than useful understanding of anything bigger so i may be asking for a lot of help lol. anyway, i look forward to being proved wrong relentlessly and actually maintaining a working bike

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