Silicone Your Airbox

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I read this article in Quad Magazine and it's a good idea to do this. Get yourself some Blue RTV silicone at the local autoparts store to seal up the seams or small openings on your quads airbox to keep out dirt and water.


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    • By ITorMIS
      I just picked up a 2006 Kazuma Falcon 110 for my son. The previous owner ended up taking off the airbox and filter and replacing it with a cone style air filter and no airbox at all.
      My son loved to ride through puddles, big ones, with his Polaris Predator (before it got stolen) and I'm wondering if I buy the OEM airbox/filter for the Falcon, will it protect the engine from the puddle splashes. Someone told me the standard airbox may have vents that won't protect it.
      Anyone have experience with the Falcon and riding in wet conditions?
      Thanks in Advance.
    • By Admin
      Equals an easier install, and an easier uninstall...
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