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2004 Polaris Magnum 330 - Carb Issues

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Carb issues help?

I just rebuilt the carb on my '04 Magnum 330. It's a Mikuni 34mm CV carb.

I got the rebuild kit from my local Polaris dealer. I also got 8' of 1/4" fuel line and a new in-line filter. I drained/cleaned the fuel tank and the fuel is now for the lawn mower. All of the fuel lines were replaced from the tank to the petcock, to the fuel pump, and to the carb. I even replaced the vacuum line from the carb to the fuel pump. New in-line filters installed. Fresh fuel in the tank.

The carb kit had replacement parts for everything except the pilot screw/needle. I checked the float settings when I rebuilt it. I clipped the needle at 3 of 5, just like when I tore it down (factory setting). I cleaned the pilot screw, and reinstalled to two turns out from bottom.

I was able to get it started w/o any problems, and it idles perfect (got lucky). But I haven't adjusted the pilot screw.

Now my problem. I start up, closed the choke, and idles fine. BUT, if I try to give it gas it starts to stumble. I tried to give it wide open throttle, and it died. I can restart it and it runs fine at idle. I haven't tried driving it yet since I still have the front end tore apart.

Any thoughts? I can get to the needle easy enough, but it's clipped at the same setting as I tore it apart at, and where it's been running fine since I bought it.

Thanks in advance,


St Louis, MO

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Go to the Polaris ATV forum look for the sticky notes in regard to a 2004 Polaris Magnum 330 service manual. That manual might tell you how to adjust the pilot screw and much more. However if it doesn't many Polaris delaers may answer that question for you for free, it never hurts to ask. Hope This Helps, Whip

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the bible ...

2003 - 2005 Polaris Magnum 330 Service  Manual.pdf

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