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ATV Vehicle Maintenance

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This list offers a general overview of ATV vehicle maintenance. Remember to keep your owner's manual handy and consult a master repair manual or your local dealer for further details.


Change oil and filter (4-Strokes)

Change oil filter and check oil pump cable adjustment (2-Strokes)

Check oil lines and oil tank vent lines for kinks or leaks

Change Counter Balancer oil (400 cc 2-stroke engines)

Inspect Air Filter, Pre-Cleaner and Engine Breather Filter. Replace as necessary.

Inspect Carburetor Air Intake Ducts/Flange for proper sealing/air leaks.

Replace Fuel Filter and inspect fuel cap, lines, fuel valve, fuel pump, and carburetor for cracks, leaks or kinks in lines. Repair or replace as necessary.

Cooling system: Check coolant strength, fill level, and inspect hoses. Repair or replace as needed.

Radiator: Inspect and clean external surface.

Check fasteners and motor mounts. * Refer to service manual or local dealer for torque specs.


Replace spark plug. Check ignition timing or have your local dealer check ignition timing.

Battery: Clean terminals, check fluid level, charge battery (see battery maintenance article for more information on battery maintenance).

Lights: Check headlamp, tail lamp, running lamps and brake lamp. Replace or repair as needed.

Check switches (headlamp, brake, AWD, key, etc.) for proper operation. Repair or replace as needed.

Verify brake and throttle controls move freely.


General Lubrication: Check front hub fluid or bearings. Change fluid or pack wheel bearings as needed. Grease chassis.

Transmission/Gear Case: Change fluid, check shift adjustments, check for leaks. Repair as needed.

Drive Chain: Inspect, adjust and lubricate.

Brakes: Check fluid level in master cylinder, brake pad wear, and lever travel. Fill, repair, and replace as needed.

Check suspension fasteners for proper torque (refer to service manual or local dealer for torque specs).

If you have something to add, please post it up.

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