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    • By oldgundriver
      I have received four e-mails stating I have messages from various members. I did find two of them, but never found the other two.
      Any idea why I get the e-mail, but no message?
    • By Admin
      If you are having an issue where the notification bar stays on saying you have a comment left or message left after you have opened all available, please let us know and we will correct it for you. You can reply to this thread and let us know what's still on.
    • By Admin
      You may notice that the bar is back at the bottom of the pages in the other sections of the community. It's a Facebook style chat bar allowing you to quickly connect with your friends here via instant message. (so if you have no friends, you should get some..)
      We're still testing this out and would appreciate any bug reports to be posted in this thread. Please include the browser that you are using.
      Our plan is to bring it to the forum side also once we get the kinks worked out.
    • By Raptor8
      I got my Seagate 500GB external harddrive today yeehaw! Between three computers that brings my storage up to 780 GB.
      Bot it from Walmart.com, most ppl don't know that even exists, but they sell a LOT of stuff online that doesn't go to the stores.
      it was $84 including freight. Seagate. 500GB 5 [FIVE] year warranty.
      I'm an idiot [ask admin or quadcrazy] when it comes to THIS stuff, but pics and videos is where I live and this is just what I needed. Cannot beat the price, may even get another one! Took me 5 minutes to set up. VERY IMPRESSED. walmart.com check it out.

      OH, one other item I got was a dvd player HDMI upconvert. Magnavox, works beautifully, very happy, about $55. What it does is upconvert ANY DVD from 480SD to 1080iHD and YES it WORKS. No need to blow all that cash on a blueray!!!
      I took some old VHS of 8MM family stuff and ran it thru the Lite-On to burn it to dvd. then we watched the dvd in the upconvert player. It was awesome! Hooks up to HDMI ONLY to work. excellent! Question? happy to oblige!
    • By quadmaniac
      I got this today:
      This is a scam e-mail...:spam2:
      Here are some links:
      Spam Scam Email - Dearest One
      Scam Email: Dearest One,
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