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    • By Peck
      having trouble with getting it to start .  where should i start my trouble shooting
    • By tjakes680
      I have a 1986 LT230GE quadrunner shaft drive machine ran very good up till about 2 months ago I rebuilt carb and had to much air coming in I found it was a loose duct then I relized throtle cable was getting stuck so I changed that . Now again to much air everything is tight no leaks in ducts from what i see Infact I had another OEM carb I rebuilt and put that on just incase i messed up rebuild of first carb and same problem the only way I can get it to stop racing is blocking off the white long air box that goes from air filter to under dash board in fact when I pull up choke it will slow down when i block air box . Does it sound like a duct is leaking the white air box goes into a leather bag i guess thats a filter but its doesnt seem to do much and the air fuel mixture and idle screw are basically useless on carb ! Should I possibly change the hight of needle in carb to give it more fuel but will that fix the problem ? Im at witts end any suggestions will be apriciated and helpful im going to seal all duct joints tommorw but should i block off the main air vent (white one ) its more of a band aide fix I would really want to fix it right thanks 
    • By WantToBe
      I got a quad at the right price... FREE 

      I have to repair the brakes and engine so I gotta take off the plastic, BUT that's the issue. The handle bars bracket has got me stumped. When I remove the handle bars you can see a 6mm bolt in the bracket so me thinks unscrew that and all should be sweet. I unscrew it a good 25mm/1" and it feels like there is still more to go but the bracket is still rock solid. I would have thought the bracket would show signs of movement.

      Anybody can confirm I should keep unscrewing the 6mm bolt? I doubt I should be unscrewing the steering shaft itself just to remove the plastic.
      I am a first timer so do not want to stuff anything up
    • By Frank Angerano
      So with this mess going on outside and the stay at home thing happening i wanted to ask who's getting what done around there house, apartment and property or toys? 
        I honestly cannot believe what my wife and i have accomplished over the last few weeks.   Unfortunately we have worked ourselves out of work!!!    I have to give all the credit to my daughter for the below listed work. She came to me a few weeks back and said daddy since we are stuck in the house can we do my room over.    I was in a keep away from everyone hunker down and lets just get through this Coronavirus mess.  She changed the entire direction of our mood and how we would push through this.    I have painted all the kids rooms and did a make over per say for each of there rooms. While the painting sh** was out i decided to continue and paint the moldings over with one coat of semi gloss in the entire house.    After that we decided to tear the closets and drawers apart and sort out all clothing, donate what we are not keeping etc.  I picked up a couple of shoe racks to organize my sneaker collection from BJ's $20 bucks for a 3 tier rack.    Cleaned every nook and cranny of the house, windows, walls, radiators, ceiling fans you name it including pulling the furniture out and getting behind everything! (Scary back there) lol.   Sh** we even did the inside of the oven with easy off!  That stuff is no joke btw..... I assure you we are clean people but after pulling the furniture out and the oven and refrigerator i have to say we need to do better with that sh**.     We decided to go  to the back yard and see what we could do. I went ahead and painted the foundation walls, added mulch and set the furniture up, bbq included.  I added some cool light stringers across the yard as well from Amazon.      We are looking at what to do in the front of the house next.     We made a list and tackle a little each day, Saturday and Sunday are big task days. Im still working so afternoon tasks are maybe an hour or two each day.   We have been very productive to say the least.  I feel like this is the perfect time to make the best of a bad situation and it keeps our mind off of the sh** going on in the world while we work.     This may sound like a lot but making a list and tackling realistic goals at the end of each day works well. Plus a lot of 🍺  and 🍷!!!!! The kids have been helping out big time and we try to keep it fun.    We hopefully will never have the chance to do this again but i was wondering who's doing what if anything at all.  Our regards go out to anyone that have been affected by this virus weather it be family or friends.    I recommend making early trips to Home Depot and BJ's and the grocery stores to stay away from crowds and lines, its a ghost town early in the morning.      Believe  it or not that Suzuki Eiger is fixed but still needs to be put back together and here i am on Quadcrazy asking who's doing what around the house but the Suzuki can wait for a little while. 
        Keep ya head up and stay motivated!!!!      
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    • By Josh Boyd
      I have replaced the cdi box,spark plug,coil and stator but still no spark.
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