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Warrior problems

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I have a warrior that i bored .50 over. and changed the cam chain. Well the problem is:

1. It cranks really hard with choke on,and will only start while cranking with choke on and quickly shut choke off while still cranking...then it fires.

2. When i rev it up a little it takes a while to come back to a idle. And dont idle well.

3. When it is idling, It makes some kind of flat sound and dies, Not a sputtering die, but a brupt sudden die. Almost like somthing in the engine catches and kills the engine. But not always....sometimes it will make that nosie and sounds like its gonna die but goes thru it.

One time when i was cranking it the starter wires started smoking. I also changed the cam chain.My guess is a timing issue. I unscrewed the sight window on the fly wheel and put the "T" on the mark, and put the cam sprocket mark on the top notch on the head.

The catching sound that sometimes kills it concerns me. Could it be the idle gear off the starter? Or could it be my starter messing up? I thought maybe a gear in tranny catching slightly, but i took chain off and watched the sprocket, that wasnt it.

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Hhhhmmmmmm Did You Just Do These Mods Or Did It Run And Just Start This? What Compression Does The Piston You Put In It Have 50 Over Is Pretty Big So I'm Sure You Have Alot Of Commpresion In There. If This Just Started You Might Need A Larger Cam To Get Rid Of The Exhaust Gases It Might Be Vapor Locking In The Haed. Till It Bleeds Off. I Don't Know For Sure Though Thats Sounds Kindda Odd I Would For Sure Check The Timing One More Time I Had A Warrior And Had Nothing But Problems With The Cam. If Its Off That Could Do It.

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ok...I think i might have a timing problem. I also have a stage 1 hot cam. So do i still set the timing the same? its .50 over and hot cam. I just rebuilt te carb and started it, and its still doing the same thing.

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Does this sound right? I moved the cam gear one link towards the back of the bike. And it starts easier and runs a whole lot better. Could that be because of the hot cam why I cant have it set to the factory timing marks?

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Here is a update...I bought a new carb,jetted it, and re timined it. And guess what? IT RUNS GREAT!

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