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Another Fabulous Day On The Snow


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My Track’in Buddy and I went for another track ride this week. The weather has been kind of warm and after last week’s ride, we figured our track’in days may be numbered. Yes, the snow down around 7200 ft (2195 m) where we park is melting kind of fast, so we decided to check out the higher elevations, because once the lower elevation snow is gone from the trail / closed highway (which is the only way to get to the snow up high) we won’t be going up there until they open the road for vehicle travel. :aargh:

The temps even up where we rode have been in the 40 degs F (4c) but the day we rode it never got above 34 degs F (1c) and the snow was still melting. I will say however, the snow conditions were the best they have been for a couple years. It was just fabulous !! :partyc:

We had so much fun and covered so much ground that we put 49 miles (79 km) on the bikes. That’s not the most I’ve put on in a day, but dang close. We put all four extra gallons (15 L) we carried in the bikes and still had a little over half a tank of fuel when we got back to the trucks too. :yes:

I had what I considered a ton of great video footage, and didn’t really use much of it in this video and it still came out at 13 ½ minutes … so I hope it’s not too long of a video for some and I hope everyone enjoys it !! :seeyac:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLwE-zS8HqY]25 Feb 2014 A Fabulous Day On The Snow - YouTube[/ame]


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Wow ... Another great gunny vid. Love your snow / trax Vids^^^

Why THANK YOU CK Guy !! ... :notworthy:

And THANKS for watch'in too !! :seeyac:

nice one Gunny !!

really impressed with the conversions of metres, celcius, and litres :yes:

THANKS OX ... glad you enjoyed the vid !! :notworthy:

Yeah, you say that (that you're impressed) ... but you're easily impressed I've heard .... :wink:

And THANK YOU for watch'in !! :seeyac:


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