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Bought the wife a 250 ES Recon

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I bought the wife a 07 250 Recon ES this past friday. I highly recomend it if interested in one. I will give more details and compare it to my 02 Ozark as we ride some more.

Christina's ATV!!!.jpg


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I didn't see this post. How does she like it?
She flat out loves it!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin::wink: :wink: Best money I have spent , in a long time!:laugh:

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The Ozark and Recon pretty much are evenly matched in Horsepower and torque. The Recon turns tighter and is a lot less tippier than the Ozark. The Recon has more room for the rider than the Ozark. The Recon is very cold blooded machine to start. The Ozark is not to bad for cooler to cold weather starting. The Ozark handles my 910 lbs yard roller better than the Recon.

I would highly recomend either machine to anyone considering either of these machines.The only reason I would buy a Recon over the Ozark , is because my Suzuki dealer SUCKS!

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    • By Flanstone
      I just bought two 1985 TRX250's from my father-in-law. One runs great, the other not so much. The one is having issues with the shifter. The shifter seems to be resting lower than normal. When I press the shifter downward, it just pops back up. Any thougjts as to what the issue might be?
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      Hello all, 
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      Here’s what I know:
      1. compression 120psi
      2. all timing marks are lined up after numerous revolutions. 
      3. Strong spark. 
      4. Valves adjusted correctly. 
      Thanks in advance. 
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