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    I got 19 posts and still not permitted to download anything. hmmmm....
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    I think it sucks, says to log in to download file, after log in message appears : Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file So yes it sucks here
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    You have to meet requirements to even see if the file is legit or not... Disappointing...
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    Well I am on the struggle Bus. I found my way here in search of this service manual but I have to interact 10 times before I can score the goods. LOL
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    I need a manual now, not after I make ten contributions. Looked around and can't find anything to make one co0mment on, much less 10.
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    I like this site lots of info for my Kawasaki
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    thank you so much, exactly what i was looking for
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    I need this manual to set my timing but it is becoming a hassle
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