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  2. i had similar trouble with the carb on my wolverine 350. I cleaned the carb completely, or so i thought. What finally got it running was i had forgotten to use a small wire to clean the port between where the fuel line goes into the carb and into the bowl. Had to remove the float and the valve seat to get to the opening. after that it ran perfectly
  3. and yes its the plastic cover thats broken but it doesnt seem to be affecting the performance at all
  4. just an update, i read a few posts about other riders carb issues and discovered a spot that i missed during my cleaning. i failed to clean the opening between where the fuel line connects and the bowl. I know, pretty stupid. But, after i cleaned that out the wolvy came to life in a big way. Thanks for all the help.
  5. its the cover just in front of the part numbered 24 on the left side of the diagram
  6. true, i should have cleaned the carb first. lol. Well, now i know i have spark but ive discovered a new problem. When i pulled the carb off i noticed that plastic cover, that looks like it vacuums from the diaphram, has a broken tip. I went ahead and cleaned the carb up and reassembled it, minus the tip on the cover. The bike will start as long as you are spraying starting fluid directly into the carb but wont pick up the fuel.
  7. not positive on the year. I just got finished checking the plug against the engine and ive got fire to the plug it just wont fire up. Im thinking maybe the carb may need rebuilding.
  8. Ive got a wolverine 350 4x4. The quad sat in my sisters storage building for a year. It would start but not stay running. I brought it home, replaced the spark plug and starter solenoid. now it wont start at all. Anybody have any suggestions as to what i need to look at next?

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