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  1. It worked before with everything connected, why would I have to cut wires?
  2. My atv is bogging down when i push the throttle and have it in reverse, or on high 4wd with the differential lock . It doesnt turn off, it just has a lack of power to get out. It gets really frustrating when you get in a hole and you cant reverse out or on a hill and you have to do a u turn instead of reverse. I have full power on low and on high. I have full power on low 4wd diff lock, but not high 4wd with diff lock (sputtering/lack of power). Can anyone please direct me in the right direction to get this issue fixed. I dont want to start spending money on things that dont need to be fixed. Thanks.
  3. Have you found a solution to your problem on the Suzuki? i am having the same issue and i dont know what to do about it. could you please direct me in the right direction?

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