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  2. If it was an issue that developed over time. Say about a year of owning the quad. Would that lean into the lever adjustment or the clutch adjustment?
  3. I would agree with hangingon I would check the throttle cable, I had the same issue with my 89 quadrunner 250. as for the white smoke part I would check the valve seals.
  4. I own a 89 quadrunner 4x4 and even if you have to remove the tank, I don't think it has anything to do with the the position of the engine. unless the tank would need to be dropped straight down to be removed, in that case the carb and head would be directly in the way
  5. i have a 89 lt-4wd, and it doesn't want to easily downshift into neutral I believe it could be a bent shift fork. Is my thinking correct, and has any done work on the transmission of these quads or have any tips? thanks in advance.

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