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  2. Got the axle out!! I put the swing arm back on the atv and the hub and nut and used a impact socket and sledge hammer and beat it out.. also took the differential off and noticed it needs a pinion bearing and seal, and it also looks like a person needs a special socket to get the pinion bearing out...
  3. i would have to split the differentail to do any heating i think on the ring gear or bearings
  4. not that i can see.. and i do have the service manual for that atv, and it dont say any thing about a snap ring...
  5. I am in the process of putting a rear swing arm on an atv, and by the way it looks i have to pull the rear differential off the swing arm to get the spline shaft back into place on the differential that comes off the back of the transfer case.. Anyways i got the brake assembly off the hubs off and the two ring nuts and cant get the axle shaft to slide out of the rear differential, i am using a block of wood and a good size hammer and hitting the axle on the left hand side if you were standing behind the machine... can a guy try a press??? any help would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Hey guys im working on a 1988 yamaha big bear 350 4x4, i am replacing the transfer case becasue its cracked. My question is what kind of oil does it take, and do i fill it up to that plug on the side of the case. also where the transfer case bolts up to the back of the engine there is a cover that has a plug which houses 2 gears, what oil goes in there or does the motor fill them both up??? any info would be appreciated...

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