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  2. snow storm coming ;Snow plow on ;Now lets getter Done;Let the Games Begin i,m gonna enjoy not pushing a shovel as much; I have 9 Acres of Paths to clean
  3. thanks ;do you bye any chance have the 2000 arctic cat 300 manual 4X4
  4. thanks guys; anyone have any thoughts on why their was gas up in the rocker area when i took off plug to check rocker adjustment?
  5. Hi gang 1st time user here; I was given the quad in the summer and i am going threw a few thing took off the round plug to the rocker the one on the bottom easy to get at ;Wanted to check the valves ; when i tookthe plug out gas came out i,m thinking is this the intake valve and is gas supposed to be in the area just under the plug; I,m more of a car guy and i,m just learning about quads i will be trying to buy a repair manuel ;Need to fing one first; Cheers everyone And May you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year; I,m off tomorrow to buy a snow plow for the quad; Early Christmas Present to me ;Sorry for the long thread ; Gee from Toronto Canada:yes: Sorry guys the quad that was given to me in the summer is a 2000 not the 2001

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