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  2. The left front axle seems to have a small leak and some play at left front differential where axle goes into. Hoe much play is normal? The service manual I downloaded does not cover this in detail. I have built GM 10 bolt,12bolt and Dana 70-80 diffs. How hard it it to replace on a 1998 KQ 300. I know how to set pinion depth and backlash on trucks but have never tackled a atv front end. Thanks
  3. No I don't have a Clymer manual. I got the drum off using the image you showed. I removed and media blasted and cleaned the the adjusters. I figured out how they work. It is a complicated little contraption. The brakes work better but still seem weak. Maybe I need to let them wear in some. No matter how hard I apply the brakes I can't get them to lock up. I just got this atv last week so I will be posting other questions as I find more problems. I got it real cheap because it would not start. The intake valve had 0 lash. I adjusted it and it fired right up and runs good.
  4. Thanks for that info. I have been turning wrenches on cars and bikes for over 30 years. The first thought when I saw the adjuster was that crack had made its way to Japanese engineers. I need to figure out why after using the brakes it stays tight. I must have put something together wrong. it did not do it until I installed new brake shoes.
  5. There is no round star wheel adjustment like on a cars drum brakes. it is a strange ratcheting gizmo. I wish it had disc brakes.
  6. I replaced the front and rear brakes on my 98 King Quad 300 today. The right front is dragging. it had plenty of clearance when I installed the drum. it turned normal until I tried to test drive it. Wheel cylinders were dry and not leaking. Also even with a dragging Right front brake they are weak. I wonder if it is something with the self adjuster and how can I get the drum back off. I just recently bought it for cheap because he got laid off of work so I don.t know any history on it. It didn't do it before but the brakes were very weak and thats why new brake shoes. old oned wereabout 60% gone. Thanks.
  7. Ok thanks. Most of the play seems to be coming from the rubber boot closest to transmission. It had the Independent rear.
  8. The rear axle has some slop in the CV boot where it goes into the transmission. How much play is normal. It is not making any noise. Can that joint be replaced and if so where to get parts. I have replaced CV joints and u-joints in cars just not atv's Thanks

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