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  2. oxidized_black, Thanks again for taking time to respond to my inquiries. FJ
  3. I'm assuming that the starters and voltage rectifier regulators were common on all the 1995 Suzuki 250 / 300 (actually 280) models. I contacted an ebay seller who had a starter rebuild kit listed for a 1995 King Quad 250. When I inquired if he meant King Quad 300 he took offense, said his listing was 100% correct and doubted if I really knew what I had. Perhaps scans of the 1995 Suzuki ATV brochure and my MSO will make him aware that Suzuki didn't know what they were selling either. Anyway, I need to order a starter rebuild kit and possibly the voltage rectifier regulator and can't imagin
  4. oxidized_black, Thanks for seconding my assumption. I actually dug out the Clymer's service manual and it does have a section on checking the voltage rectifier regulator. One VOM check and another check if you have a special Suzuki tester. It calls for a steady 5,000 RPM using a portable tach. I don't have one and at my age it's getting unwise to invest in more tools but I may have to spring for one. I have had need of one a few times in the last few years. Thanks again FJ
  5. Hey all and thanks for the welcome. I bought a Suzuki King Quad 300 new in 1995 for use on the farm. We used it several years without it hardly missing a beat. Then about twelve years or so ago it started acting like a loaded up two-stroke, blubbering and spitting. At that time I had owned motorcycles for about thirty-six years. I had worked for pretty good sized dealer, raced bikes and later I had two bike shops so I had a little mechanical experience. First thing I did was disassemble and clean the carb, which made no difference at all. After trying everything in my bag of tricks I bro

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