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  2. so after banging my head on it for hours I gave in and took it to my quad guy. he spent a few hours on it and found out that the ignition switch was dirty inside and needed to be cleaned. who would've thought that was the problem. it turned on all the lights just fine and it cranked over so I never thought that there was more to it than that. so glad this chapter of the quad is over with
  3. No it didn't come with any instructions. But I read people doing that and I tried it and it starts in only one combination so I figured that's the right way
  4. been a while but finally got an update. still hasn't solved my problem got a stator from rmstator off ebay. saw some people say rmstator was a very good brand so I went with that. put it in and still has trouble starting. but I have got a few new symptoms. Part 1: when it is about to start the starter makes a weird noise that its never made before almost sounds like its binding but then it starts right up. whenever it doesn't start and just turns over, it sounds like it always has before and once again its got either no spark or a very very weak spark. soooo think maybe there is something going on with the starter? cause I don't know Part 2: when it is running, it seems like it misfires at random a few times, doesn't run smooth like it used to before. and it smokes when accelerating but not at idle. now besides putting in a new stator I did an oil change since I knew I was going to lose some oil. I wasn't sure what grade oil to put in it so when I was buying the filter from the store I asked the guy what grade it should take. he said 20w-50 since I don't run it in temps below 40f. and I bought the good yamalube oil for four stroke motors. 20w-50 seems a little thick to me but I took his word for it since he knew about them more than me (or so I think). this is my first time doing an oil change on it since I bought it last year, so I don't know what grade oil was in it before. is it possible the oil could be affecting something? just some thoughts and problems I have with it, any help or comments are appreciated
  5. so the seat on my 87 warrior is beyond cleaning to help it. its torn, faded and just looks like crap. anyone ever use a seat cover? the two options are to either buy a seat cover off ebay for $50 or go to an upholstery place and see how much they would charge to stitch a new cover on. I could buy a new seat but they are twice as much as a cover. so just wondering if anyone has used them and if they liked them or hated them
  6. found out it isn't getting any spark when its not starting. valve clearance and timing are all good. gonna start with replacing the stator
  7. found a few things online to do to check the stator. gonna try that later today. hopefully that's the problem although they are not cheap, about $130 on ebay
  8. my 87 warrior 350 wont start most of the time. it cranks just fine, has a new battery. its getting fuel, and when I have the air tubing off I can see the first jet (by throttle plate) squirting fuel. it doesn't seem to get a spark or the one it has is very weak when using my spark tester. I tried a new ignition coil, wire and cap and no difference. tried cleaning the carburetor (wasn't dirty) and no difference. it will randomly start sometimes and runs great when it does. and will start again a few times right after running. but once it sits for about 20 minutes it wont start again. ive been beating my head over this one and last resort is pay someone else to fix it. I have a feeling it may be the cdi unit or maybe something to do with the stator or pickup coil but don't know how to troubleshoot em and don't know anyone with the same bike to try their parts. any help is appreciated

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