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  2. Really... you guys are telling me no one knows anything about this machine?
  3. I recently had my 2000 xplorer 400 4x4 plastic completely off the machine. I just don’t recall seeing the “terminal board” anywhere on the machine. It’s the one where all the loose wire connections are made. Can anyone out there tell me exactly where to find that blasted board? You know I.e. like right, front; under the seat or maybe under a cover somewhere. I'm trying too hook up a 12v receptacle for accessories.
  4. Here's one for ya. Why won't my speedometer work? I've had this machine for a few months now and finally got it going, after replacing the piston and boring the jug to .020" over but would like to know if any of you guys have had problems with your speedo and possibly where to start looking. Is it a mechanical or electrical issue? Don't know where to start...
  5. Can anyone tell me what the significance of the holes are on the intake side of the piston. And does the size of them mean anything also. The replacement piston I bought had holes that were much bigger than the ones in the original piston. Is that a problem?
  6. Why can't I find an operator's manual for this machine? Seems like the 2 stickies above skip right over this machine. Can anyone help?
  7. Thanks for the help Blackie. Hey do you know where I can find assembly instructions or routing diagrams for the same machine? Are they strictly Polaris features that are in Pure Polaris manuals?
  8. Does anyone have a 2000 Polaris XPLORER 400 4x4 Service Repair Shop Manual. I need help!
  9. I just bought a 2000 explorer 400 4x4 from a guy @ work. He told me that he was running it the last time he had it out and it quit on him. He said that he changed the spark plug but just couldn’t get it to run again. When I got it home I tore all the plastic off it to make it easier to work on and get to everything. It seems to be getting spark but won’t fire even after putting some gas in the jug. He told me that he recalled that when this all started he recalls that it overheated too. Doesn’t seem to be any coolant in the radiator either. Oh yeah, it seems to have good compression too. I put my thumb over the cylinder port and cranked it and it’s hard to keep my thumb over the hole. I also pulled the flywheel to make sure that the woodruff keys was ok. There was some liquid (seemed to be coolant) in the recoil housing too, if that tells a story too. I also checked the crankcase dip stick to see if was overfilled but its not.

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