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  2. never mind I figured out It runs without any of it hooked up I just had a bad connection at the fuse she runs good now warmed up a couple times in the gouge going to the farm this weekend to break her in
  3. I ended up building a 2003 400ex bored to 409cc I have $900 in it
  4. I have a 2003 trx400ex missing the neutral switch wire the one that goes from the engine to the light green on the harness can I replace it with just any wire I am also missing the neutral light can I just plug the black and light green that go to the light together
  5. I live in Indianapolis looking to bye with cash and my quad is a 2003 400ex I would like to put the right engine on it but I put in the part about the mid 80s 1983 - 1985 250 yz 250 or 1998 cr 250 because I have a few top-ends that have been ported for alcohol and used on a micro-sprint I used to race I would need a good bottom-end because the clutch was cut off and flywheel was welded and the kick start removed for use in the micro-sprint I was thinking of maybe building a 250 2 stroke and retrofitting it on there Its close in power to weight ratio and I thank it might fit I have over 10 years of part fabrication getting the exhaust pipe to fit right might b tricky but engine mounts are easy
  6. I have been looking for a 400ex engine or a mid 80s yz250 engine and finding killer deals but nothing in my try-state near IN ther is a 400ex on ebay right now it's stock and used for $300 but it would b nice to b able to deal face to face if I could without driving over 300 miles
  7. I need one for my 2003 I would gladly pay $500 or so as long as it runs ok

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