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  2. Yes I just check the valves and one is bent. Do you know where I could get valves and shims for the buckets at? or if they are universal with any other quad? Thanks
  3. Alright maybe a silly question, new to the cannondale world. If I am adjusting my valve shims do I need a special kit or are valve shims universal? Thanks
  4. The engine is turning over, the dale just wont start. Will occasionally back fire through the air intake
  5. also does anyone know where I can get a diagnostic software CD for my dale? thanks
  6. I have a 2002 cannondale cannibal 440 with the 450 kit. Recently I was riding it and it seemed to backfire out of the airbox then stalled? I started it back up got it back to the house, noticed my airbox boot had a tear in it and some of it was sitting on the throttle body. Now my cannibal wont turn over, what could be wrong with it? could rubber that fell into the throttle body be removed ? thanks
  7. I have a cannondale cannibal with a 450 kit in it. I just recently switched up the fuel pressure line. Now when I start it or attempt to start it gas pours out of something when I hit the electric start ? can anyone help diagnose the problem? Thanks!

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