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New Owner ATV Technical Tips (Cannondale)

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These are tech tips compiled fron various posts on various boards, very useful information for new owners!

· When changing oil take the fill plug out to let the frame drains flow faster and let the drain for ten minutes or so to get it all out. It also helps totip the quad on its side to aid drainage and prevent oil from running between engine and skid plate.

· Also tip the quad when reinstalling tranny filter. Gravity will keep the filter in the bolt. Don't ever force it!

· Use a 6 point wrench on the aluminum drain plugs to keep from rounding them off.

· Always use antiseaze on the transmission drain bolt.

· Do not over fill your quads oil . Even a couple of ounces will blow out all over your air filter.

· You have to do the engine stud updates now, do not put it off . If one of these bolts come out you will pay dearly. Its not that hard and kind of fun (at least for me)

· Make sure to check your battery connections because if they are loose the ecm with cause all sorts of weird running problems. And load test the battery once in a while to be sure of quick starts and prevent plug fouling.

· Use star lock washers between your battery terminals and you battery

· Don’t turn the idle down because you think its idling to fast. 2200 to 2300 is where it should be. If you have trouble starting it and it starts easier if you give it just a little gas chances are its to set to low.

· If you run in mud a lot turn your headlights off. If they are caked with mud they will heat up the housings and deform the lenses.

· If you need to get the flywheel off and dont have a puller cruise over to your local stihl chainsaw dealer ,the puller they use on the larger chainsaws works on our cannons. They did mine for free but I purchased the puller anyway afterwards. Part number is 1106 890 4501 A

· When starting let it run for at least 2 minutes to burn the raw fuel off the plug before shutdown to help prevent fouling it.

· Dont panic and overthink the problems if they occur , I thought my engine blew chucks while hauling the mail down a dirt road and it backfired and came to a stop. Turned out just a plugged fuel filter from a dirty gas can. Im glad they are see through.

· Replace those steel fender screws with some stainless steel ones(couple bucks)

· Buy a D&M kit the basic one is only $300 and if you ever have a problem you will save countless hours asking questions, hunting dealers, and generally being in a bad mood when you could have diagnosed your problem in just a few minutes. That also goes for getting the free service and parts manuals available on this page.

· Inside the fuel tank fitting is a stainless steel strainer ,mine was plugged tight with the nastiest brown goo. While your checking it it is a good time to install new o-rings on the fitting shut off valve. a size r-01 seems to fit good. The one that swells is not the one you can see when you disconnect the quick coupler.

· There is a mini tach from Track Master Inc Part number tr99 that you can install on the quad to check your idle speed if your don’t want to buy the D&M kit. It installs without cutting into the wiring harness because it is a self contained ,waterproof with inductive pickup that you just need to wrap the wire around the coil to make it work.

· Don't leave the key in the on position, for some reason it draws down the battery

· Use Di-electric grease on all of the electrical connections. Just pull the connectors apart and fill them with the stuff.

· If you have access to the Maintenance & Diagnostics kit, reset the throttle position and idle regularly - I do it about every oil change.

· Keep an eye on the rear hubs, they tend to loosen up and they will strip out

· Check the swingarm buffer (chain slide) often, I've seen a few that where never checked and the chain had eaten holes in the swingarm.

· Pull the a-arms and grease up the bushings really good once in awhile, they don't have much grease from the factory and bind up.

· Pull the swingarm and clean/grease up the pivot bearings good at least once a year, the seals tend to leak and the bearings will rust.

· For oil changes, tip the quad on it's side to aid drainage and prevent oil from running between engine and skid plate.

· Reroute the tranny vent line up by the airbox if you play in deep water.

· Do replace your worn tie rod ends with something other than stock.

· Never throw away old parts.

· Always keep fuel filters and gas line quick connect orings on hand.

· Always use locktite on sprocket bolts and visually inspect before every ride

· NevRDull and a fine ScotchBrite pad works wonders on that state of the art ALUMINUM frame.

· Counter sink your tranny filter bolt so it will help self centering the filter

· Always pull your fuse if you are working anywhere near your fuel pump you will short it out if you touch it with something

· If you install nerf bars make sure you lube the holes in the frame with lots of antisieze or you will never get the bars out because they will gall in.

· Dont let morons on your quad that dont have a clue how to start it because chances are they will get out of sight and stall it and try starting it like their quad and crank the snot out of it while pumping the throttle "personal experience"

Edited by Ajmboy

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· Loctite everything.

Watch what you loctite, not everything needs loctite.Might want change that part.

This was definitely an over due post. Good post Ajmboy.

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great tips ajmboy but i dont know wat this one is "You have to do the engine stud updates now, do not put it off . If one of these bolts come out you will pay dearly. Its not that hard and kind of fun (at least for me)" wat do u have to do for this... and for the others if u pull of the a-arms wat should the torque be when u put them back on... great thread

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great tips ajmboy but i dont know wat this one is "You have to do the engine stud updates now, do not put it off . If one of these bolts come out you will pay dearly. Its not that hard and kind of fun (at least for me)" wat do u have to do for this... and for the others if u pull of the a-arms wat should the torque be when u put them back on... great thread

These tips were pulled form a Cannondale site and relate more to Cannondale ATVs. I should have just posted there. I moved the thead into the Cannondale section.

Stud Updates:

Cannondaler :: Info Center

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Alright maybe a silly question, new to the cannondale world. If I am adjusting my valve shims do I need a special kit or are valve shims universal? Thanks

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Valve shims are the same ones used in most small motorcycles. Any real motorcycle shop will have the individual ones you need or you can buy the whole set. If your replacing the valves be sure to torque the cam caps to 8ft pounds instead of 10 foot pounds and you must use a torque wrench or you will for sure destroy the engine. Download the service manual before even looking at the engine. If you need any help or parts give me a call at 7155511498.


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