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  2. Valve shims are the same ones used in most small motorcycles. Any real motorcycle shop will have the individual ones you need or you can buy the whole set. If your replacing the valves be sure to torque the cam caps to 8ft pounds instead of 10 foot pounds and you must use a torque wrench or you will for sure destroy the engine. Download the service manual before even looking at the engine. If you need any help or parts give me a call at 7155511498. John
  3. During initial press of the start button there is a high pulse of fuel . then the running flow is much less and very hard to see. Like in the automotive application injectors rarely go bad. It mostly bad quick connects or plugged fuel filters that cause fuel issues on cannondales.
  4. Looks like your throwing parts at it instead of basic diagnostics. Fuel pumps ,injectors and regulators are highly reliable and rarely if ever fail. Oil pumping out the breather is an indication that your scavange pump is not working. The oil is being pushed out the crankcase from the breather system. Thats also the reason your fouling plugs as its going through the rings. The engine needs what ALL cannondales need and that is a basic rebuild by someone who knows the basic updates or willing to learn. Its not hard and doesnt cost a lot but it has to be done. After being done they should have as long and reliable life as any other sport quad.

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