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  1. Yeah, ive tried, but the very few that are on here, their last log on was like months if not a year ago. Only one responded.
  2. Yup NO RESPONSES! No help from any other Hawaii rider! Nothing! absolutely nothing!
  3. None! Absolutely NONE! Im tired already, im frustrated, im exhausted trying to get in contact with other riders, start a club, or anything of that sort. On top of that theres just no where to ride out here in so called "paradise". Thats due to large companies owning tons of whatever land we have out here and that prevents us from riding in new areas! Its no wonder that Hawaii ATV riders, especially those here on Oahu end up selling their ATV's or Quads cause theres just one place here that we can ride legally. No where to ride, no atv clubs, and no commaradarie between atv riders equals less riders and loss of interest in ATV riding. The majority of people that i hear about that are selling thier quads here on Oahu is becuase theres just not very many areas that we can ride quads at. Unbelievable! Im just so tired of trying to get riders together already. Im so sick of it. It just makes me want to stop riding all together. AND, yes there is more, the ONE and ONLY place that we can legally ride quads out here on Oahu is at the Kahuku Motocross Track and trails. Which is really one "Peremiter Trail" that gets boring quickly! imagine going around a trail that take only about 15 to 30 minutes to go around if you ride slowly? No wonder people get tired of riding quads so quickly!! The people who run the track are only concerned about the motocross track. There are three tracks there, the atv track that gets worked on MAYBE twice a year, and im talking that this track can only fit maybe 3 quads wide in some areas, if u have 6 quads on this track youre really pushing it!The second track is an "Intermediate track" where they havent worked on or changed or improved since about 2001!! There are multiple trails out there but only the "Peremiter trail"can really fit a quad/atv going through it! With that said i thank u for listening to me gripe. I am exhausted with trying to get more people together so we can form a club. Im done!
  4. I am just so sick of atv's already! Ok well not atv's but just the riders here in general. Im sorry, that all of u have to hear me gripe its just that i know that there are tons of ATV riders here on Oahu, Hawaii. But where are they? Ive been trying to get riders together so that maybe we can get a club going out here, just so that we have all the quad/atv riders together. Geez its like impossible! Maybe i need to move to the east coast or something! Seems like they have alot more trails out there as well as alot more Riders who want to get together and make a club! im tired of trying already! Maybe im just extra frustrated tonight!
  5. Well here i am again! Some of you may remember me but im back again. And still wondering if there are any ATV riding clubs on Oahu here in hawaii? I know that there is a bunch of ATV riders out here and no one has started a club or something to get the ATV group together. Im just a newbe to all of this so I would also like some kind of guidance of what trails we can take and what trails is off limits. Maybe if we have an ATV club out here we could open much more trails instead of just riding at kahuku. Just a thought. Maybe Im wrong though, maybe someone has already started a club of some sort and i just dont know about it. Can any hawaii riders help a rider just looking to ride with some other ATV enthusiasts. Help me out my bruthas and sistahs! Thanks.
  6. Hey where my Hawaii people at? especially those who ride on Oahu and Maui? Anyways just wanted to meet some quad riders, ive been riding dirt bikes for a long time now and just recently wanted to get into quads, i havent been up to Kahuku in about a year now cause of my job so i just wanted to get back in touch with some quad riders. And why isnt there are quad riding clubs here in hawaii?? Why is that? I think we would have some interested participants who would like to ride quads together! Let me know where all my hawaii people at!!??

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