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Hawaii Riders? Hawaii Riding Clubs?

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Well here i am again! Some of you may remember me but im back again. And still wondering if there are any ATV riding clubs on Oahu here in hawaii? I know that there is a bunch of ATV riders out here and no one has started a club or something to get the ATV group together. Im just a newbe to all of this so I would also like some kind of guidance of what trails we can take and what trails is off limits. Maybe if we have an ATV club out here we could open much more trails instead of just riding at kahuku. Just a thought. Maybe Im wrong though, maybe someone has already started a club of some sort and i just dont know about it. Can any hawaii riders help a rider just looking to ride with some other ATV enthusiasts. Help me out my bruthas and sistahs! Thanks.

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Here's a group that was created for Hawaii Riders:

This link is available to logged in members only. Please login or register to view this link.

You may want to contact the moderator or use the Browse feature like I mentioned in the other post. Hope this helps! :smile:

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Yeah, ive tried, but the very few that are on here, their last log on was like months if not a year ago. Only one responded.

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