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  2. Anyone have a recoil starter cover (or recoil starter assembly) for sale? The one I have looks like it will work, I just do not have the pull cord or cover. Thanks.
  3. It may sound strange, but give the starter a whack with a wooden hammer handle. sometimes it may jar things loose. This trick has worked on cars for years.
  4. I would....It helps keep a layer of oil in and keeps the cylinder lubricated. Just my 2 cents. Well worth the few minutes of work.
  5. The only other thing left that you have not looked at is the cdi box. It may not be getting enough of a spark. What does the plug look like? Did you take the plug out and turn it over with it grounded to the engine? Just a couple of ideas.......
  6. How many of you have winches on your sport quads (400ex, kfx400, z400)???? How did you mount the winch? Thanks

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