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  1. Ogre33

  2. Anyone have a recoil starter cover (or recoil starter assembly) for sale? The one I have looks like it will work, I just do not have the pull cord or cover. Thanks.
  3. flipped

    It may sound strange, but give the starter a whack with a wooden hammer handle. sometimes it may jar things loose. This trick has worked on cars for years.
  4. hello all!!

  5. honing and crosshatches

    I would....It helps keep a layer of oil in and keeps the cylinder lubricated. Just my 2 cents. Well worth the few minutes of work.
  6. Gutless 2002 Prairie 650. Why?

    The only other thing left that you have not looked at is the cdi box. It may not be getting enough of a spark. What does the plug look like? Did you take the plug out and turn it over with it grounded to the engine? Just a couple of ideas.......
  7. How many of you have winches on your sport quads (400ex, kfx400, z400)???? How did you mount the winch? Thanks