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  1. spike1965


  2. I will try on my home PC. Right now I'm on mobile.
  3. Its not valid. Says I don't have privelage to view the batch. Thanks though
  4. Looking for 1999 Polaris 400 xplorer manual. Is it the same as the 500 manual?
  5. After many hours of frustration, I took the quad into the shop. They are telling me the timing chain may have skipped a tooth and want to tear it down. Does this make sense?
  6. Got it thanks, right now all 4 hoses from the carb end under the shifter mechanism
  7. I get that part but where do they go? From the petcock to......? From the fuel pump to ......?
  8. What about the vacuum lines from the petcock and the fuel pump? Where do they connect to?
  9. Thanks, that is perfect. I bought this quad used and its never run properly. Both those breather lines run up to the shifter and and terminate on a tree. I will need to conect them to the tank and fuel pump and check again
  10. Is there a diagram showing the plumbing of the vacuum lines? It fired up and as I was setting the idle it starting dumping fuel/oil out the cranckcase ventilation tube.
  11. I rebuilt the carb. Set the start screw to factory 2 5/8 turn. It started bogged out and now wont start. I can smell fuel so I think its flooding. Any ideas?
  12. When I apply the choke the engine stalls out. If its half way or off idle is rough and if I turn the throttle screw it will be fine and then it will start to race.
  13. The quad starts but wont idle sometimes it idles high then dies. When riding it will be fine for a while then it will cut out. It has lots of power, is it time to rebuild the carb or is there other issues?

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