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  1. I know I am a bit late... Just joined this website.. Lol I have a 2003 Quest 650 XT and I used to have a problem with the battery cables... Found out that one of them was getting burned against the exhaust and it would short out and shut down in the middle of the woods but then it would start right back up... Finally I fixed that then the starter solenoid shit the bed and while I waited for it, id have to take a screwdriver and touch the 2 nuts together to jump the starter.. Mind sending me a few pics of your ride?
  2. Anyone on here from CT? Know any trails out here? I know it is illegal but who cares...
  3. Good morning all! I have received about a foot here in CT.... So, 3 feet of snow to play in with the 4x4
  4. I know on my quad I had dirt particles in the gas and shit so I had to drain it and fill it again and drain it about 3 times until it ran right..... Try that Id say.

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