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  1. During the part swap you may have got some dirt into the fuel line. Pull the carb and give it a clean.
  2. This makes total sense. The parts diagram for this machine indicates a 480 W "Stator Plate". I've already replaced the halogen headlights with two 20W LED bulbs. I dont have handwarmers, but these will draw 30 W should I install in future. The winch and starter are intermittent sources that draw down the battery as they use much more power than the generator is providing. Any other power uses are fairly minimal (display panel, spark to engine, tail light). Hopefully I am not missing something. In conclusion, I think the 21 inch, 120 W light bar I am looking at shouldn't be a problem. Does this seem right? BTW, I plan to tap into the high beam to feed a relay, as you suggested. Do they make a "splitter" of some type for wiring of this size?
  3. Looking to put a light bar on my 570 Outlander: What is the biggest light this can handle? Is there a point where the generator cant keep up with demand for power? How can I determine what the limit is? Has anyone had luck with tapping into the high beam power for the headlights (instead of direct wire to the battery as many of the kits instruct)?
  4. Headlights on my Outlander 570 are junk. Would like to upgrade to a light bar. What is the max size (wattage) that it can handle? Can I just split into the high beam wire for an install. I see YouTube videos of a separate switch that hooks up straight to the battery, but wouldn't that drain the battery if the machine is off and lights cold be left on by accident. I'd like to hang it from the front rack as I have a basket installed on the rack that I would like to keep there. If anyone has done this, please send a picture!
  5. Check if it is a fuel issue by pouring a capful of gas down the sparkplug and see if it will start. If it does, it is a fuel supply issue. Check carb again (99% of the time in these situations the pilot jet is plugged). Then fuel filter? Fill gas tank. lol
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