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  2. I have an 06 Yamaha Kodiak 450cc. It has been bulletproof and does everything I need it to do. It has hi-low and it will pull as much as I ever want. I pull big logs, etc. You can buy one with a bigger engine, but all that will accomplish is you will burn a lot more fuel. If the machine can be full loaded, and still spin its wheels, thats all the power you need when pulling. Having a bigger engine wont matter once the wheels start spinning. As far as mileage, yes lower is better but more important is how well it was maintained and how it was used.
  3. Hi all, I have an 86 motor 4 that has starter clutch issues. (YFM225) Because I cant afford to put much money into this old machine, I hope to get some guidance before spending more. (already spent too much!) I have replaced the starter clutch multiple times with used ones that are supposedly good. Each time it fixes the problem for a short time, and then it returns. Sometimes I have noticed the socket head cap screws have loosened. I clean and re-assemble using removable locktite and that seems to help, but still issues with the clutch itself. Any suggestions? Questions, is it maybe the small springs behind the rollers are weak? Regarding the surface on the flywheel that the rollers touch. I have noticed that most of the flywheels I have used do have small wear marks on them. I have smoothed them out using a small stone to the point you can barely feel them. Does this surface need to be perfect? Are clutches and flywheels matched. It seems that depending on which flywheel I use, the timing can vary slightly like its not quite firing at the right time, hard to start, etc. My theory is that there must be slight variances in the keyway location between flywheels. Is my theory correct? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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