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  2. heres a little trick I figured out for hard starting atvs that seem to run but shut down and sputter out. If your having Backfiring through the carb, spitting gas out through the carb it maybe a bad intake valve not seating properly. To test this Pull spark plug out, move piston to TDC on compression stroke, Take some compressed air with a air nozzle in spark plug hole, make sure you can seal it to the hole so no air can escape. apply the air and listen for air escaping through the carb or the exhaust valves. that will determine if you have a bad valve. Best way to check for bad valves.
  3. hey there. Try taking the starter back out of the bike. get a good battery and jumper cables and jump the starter by its self. Hook the ground from cables to the case of starter. then use the positive cable and touch it against the terminal for the power. it should spin for you. Just make sure you hold the start with your hand as it has some torque and will want to move on you. Try that and you will know if it is good or a bad cable.
  4. Remove the rear tire, will make it easier to work on.

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