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  2. Hey all I have a question on my 94 fourtrax 4x4. The electric start won't work. When I hit the button I hear the solenoid clicking but nothing happening. I put on a new solenoid and same thing happened. So I took off starter and checked it, brushes looked good nothing looked out of the ordinary. My battery is putting out 11.2 volts. I wouldn't think that would be it since I put a newer battery in from my other quad and still got same results. Any ideas I'm scratching my head on this one.
  3. I have a 99 warrior that won't run off of choke. I've taken the carb off twice and cleaned it. Second time it sat in chem dip for an hour. Still won't run off of choke. I checked the intake manifold it ok and the ground on the reverse its ok also. I drained the fuel and put fresh in. If I run half throttle and push in the choke it will stay running. It backfires through the carb a little. I took off air cleaner thinking it might be clogged but it not. I have moved the fuel mix screw all over and still got nothing. I checked the gap on the new spark plug it was at .026. Gap is ok the plug was black like too much fuel but when I back it off I still can't run off of choke. Very frustrated please help
  4. Thanks that's where I put it, was the only logical place.
  5. I recently purchased a 99 warrior it had been sitting for a couple years. Naturally I drained the tank and pulled the carb off to clean it out. I was careful to do so, but when I took it apart a small spring fell out. There were only two springs in it, minus the throttle linkage. I know the larger one is for the accellerater pump, but don't know where the small one goes. I've looked up diagrams with no luck. It will only fit in a couple places, does it go in the fuel mix screw? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  6. On tires I see everybody runs holeshots, is that gonna be my best option? I know they make cheaper off brand versions of them too.
  7. Hello all I'm new to the site. I'm asking for suggestions on building my 1999 warrior. I picked it up for a song at $200. nothing wrong with it other than it needs tires and a tune up. I have about $800. To put into it, other than tires and an exhaust any suggestions. This is my first sport quad I'm used to utility quads. Thanks for the suggestions

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