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  1. If it is jet size it will run good on warm humid days and bad on cold days.
  2. cheap replacement and it ran just like the original oem
  3. I have one that did almost the same thing. I noticed that it ran better in warm weather and really bad it cold weather. It ran better with the choke on part way. If I could get it running fast it ran better. I replaced the pilot jet with one 3 sizes bigger. If it is affected by temperature it is most likely fuel related and most common is too small a jet. I also bought a new carb. ended up with the old carb and bigger jet.
  4. I have to laugh while reader this because I have been there. I put 2 sizes bigger piolet jets in and it works fine. Any one want to buy my new carburetor with less than 5 minutes running time on it. Probably needs a bigger main jet also because my 700 tops out at about 50.
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  6. By reading earlier pages in this thread I was able to download a service manual that covers my 2003 sportsman. It was a link supplied by oxidized_black that provided the manual I was looking for. Thank you

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