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  2. I checked and I even tested with multimeter and its got 12v I tried turning the lights on and I'm not getting nothing no voltage also no voltage to the push start
  3. Need help my friend brought me his raptor to fix because it wouldn't start so I cleaned the carb and all was well till last night when I tried to start it again and there's no power and by power I mean lights don't turn on also won't turn over neutral light won't turn on either I checked the fuse and that's good and everything is plugged in battery is charged and I need help I cant find the cdi wiring diagram anywhere to test each cable so any help will be appreciated thank you!!!
  4. since you said you turned the kill switch to the off position and that caused the fuse to pop i would check the kill switch wiring and my guess is that's where it maybe grounding out the ignition coil.

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