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  1. Thats what I originally was adjusting to fix the reverse issue was the cable. As far as all that other stuff I guess I will have to go through the manual to see how to do all that stuff because I have never really played with transmission type of stuff before.
  2. I have a raptor 660r and I have adjusted the clutch because initially my issue was that when I put it in reverse it would bogg down and die out because it acted like it was not all the way in gear. Then my reverse works after adjusting the cable by the engine and now I am noticing that when I give it alot of gas it slips and does not have all the torque. I also noticed this when I was pulling someone out it was slipping real bad. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I found the problem. I had 2 internal breaks on my positive cable. Replaced it and Im good to go.
  4. I have not checked for spark. I have problems even before spark. My neutral light is no longer coming on.
  5. Battery is good. I can bypass all the safety wiring and iginition wiring and make the starter turn over with the battery. It wont start that way though because everything is being bypassed.
  6. No. It will not turn over with the started switch. I have to bypass all the wiring and make it turn over. It will turn and turn but not start or make any funny noises.
  7. Ok here goes.... I was riding and stalled out and my raptor wouldn't start up. I found the battery cable had broken off the terminal. I held it on to start it and get it back to the house. I put the battery cable back together and it wouldnt start. I did some troubleshooting and the battery is good, I can force the starter to turn over but it wont start because of the electic circuit not being right. I can not even get the neutral light when it is in neutral. I checked the 2 fuses on the starter block. Any suggestions?
  8. tap tap tap I did. I slightly sanded all the rust from all parts and put a coat of grease everywhere. Thanks for all the help. You guys always make these jobs easy therefore keeping it cheap for me to have my toys. THANKS!!!!!!!!
  9. You rock! That worked. To put them back in do I have to do anything special? Grease it on the way in? I suppose just tap it lightly to get it in. Then the seal? Just tap it in? Anything need to go in the seal? Now I need to figure out if I can use this thing still. What is the pipe inside the housing? Does it matter if the edge of it is all messed up as long as the middle part where it touches the housing is ok?
  10. Ok here goes the book Im about to write. I bought a 02 raptor 660 and the rear end was squeaking very bad. I took out the rear axle and noticed that the bearings in the rear are all tore up, there are only about 10 balls rolling around throughout the whole casing. Yes, you are right they are not in the bearing housing but in the center. I hear a lot about carrier bearings and Im wondering if the bearings that I am replacing are the carrier bearings or if there in another inside the housing because there is a small pipe inside the housing. The balls have wedged in the center where that pipe is and made grooves in it. Will this be OK to just replace the bearings and seals and ignore the groves on the inside around the pipe? Also, does anyone have any advice on how to pull these bearings and seals out of this because it is pretty bad, there was not even the center metal left on the bearings.
  11. I dont know why I am even telling the truth about what the problem was because it was so obvious and I didn't think to check it. After beating the hell out of it on the track i found that my front sprocket was worn down. I knew it sounded like the chain slipping. Thanks for everyones input.
  12. ok that might explain the kicking when stalling. But when I am giving it some gas and really putting the pedal to the metal the slipping/slapping sound must be a major issue. You think needing a carrier bearing could cause this?
  13. Thats what I thought so I loosened it up. I do know I have an issue with the rear end because the axle has about 1/4 to 1/2 inches of play in the housing. Another hint that might help is sometime when I stall it out (not that I would ever do that on purpose hahaahha) when the engine stops I hear something like a hammer slam the engine.
  14. It seems to be. I by far not a mechanic but I am mechanically inclined. I can go and shift through all the gears and pick up some major speed. It seems to do it in every gear. I am pretty sure it is in gear fully but do not know the correct way to verify besides knowing it has pep and goes with lots of torque.
  15. have a raptor 660 that is doing something a little weird. If i just go along slow it is fine but once I put some pep in it the thing seems to skip every 4 seconds. At first I thought the chain was slipping but I can not see any wear or visually see it slipping. When it does it there is a loud clicking/clanking going on. The weird thing about it is that it does get up and go and will accelarate even while doing this. Any suggestions?

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