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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a manual or wiring diagram for a 1984 Kawasaki prairie 250 three wheeler, it's manual clutch chain drive with locking hubs in rear. I got it real cheap and wiring is a mess.
  2. Nice you got a 250sx, same didn't know they were that light. Thought it was little heavier
  3. Oh and forgot, I got a 2001 blaster, it only weighs 250 lbs dry. I can lift it with one hand lol.
  4. Also my dad's 2009 Arctic cat 550 weighs 692 lbs dry
  5. Had my dad's 2009 Arctic cat 550 efi at 50mph and my moto4 only to 40 and Polaris express 300 2 stroke to 45.only moto4 was pegged out other 2 stopped as don't really have any good straight roads.
  6. Hi everyone, new to the site. My main ride is a 87' Yamaha moto4. Hope to meet new people here
  7. Hi new to the forums should've joined sooner. My first atv was an 87' Honda 250sx. I got it when I was 14 years old. Still have it, but first four wheeler I got is an 87' Yamaha moto4 225.

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