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  1. wow, i didnt see how old this post was!! Well what did you end up doing??
  2. i have a straight DS. i love it, (well whats left of it anyway) I've definately got my moneys worth out of it! it is unstoppable!! except for the stock battery, and i've broken 4 stock front shocks, and the rear is busted at this time.. But technically the frame should be broke and i should be dead as hard as it has landed! never bent an axle tho.. Motor is cold natured but once warm, cranks instantly, very easy to ride.. they're just not the rig for jumping 90 foot triples:wink:.lol It makes for good war stories tho!! Good Luck, let me know if you want to know anything.. I'm about to tear mine down for a ring and a valve job due to cracked intake boot:mad: Good luck and stay safe!

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